my french heart
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My French Heart


Available as well for digital download, Clara’s second album, “My French Heart”, also with Dori Caymmi’s arrangements, guitar and voice, features duos with Chico Buarque and Ivan Lins. “On My French Heart, Caymmi’s virtuosity on guitar (as well as on vocals) is complemented by Marcelo Costa’s solid percussion, Jorge Helder’s fluid, sensitive bass, and the traditional French “musette” sound of accordionist Itamar Assiere. Enhancing the mix are guest stars Jacques Morelembaum, master of the cello; Chico Buarque, in an adaptation of one of his own compositions, “La nuit des masques”; and Ivan Lins who, together with Chico Barque, sing in French with their delicious Brazilian accents. But in front of it all is Bellar’s voice—lilting, laughing, expressive. And from well-loved classics like “Sous le Ciel de Paris” to rare and forgotten gems like “Mes Emmerdes”, every song fits her like a glove.Without a doubt, My French Heart is one classy album.” Dominique Dreyfus


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