Bellar’s debut book, “Being and Becoming: Trusting Children’s Natural Learning” is a further exploration of her critically-acclaimed documentary. The book was released in French on May 28, 2017  FOR THE 3RD ANNIVERSARY IN THEATERS

The documentary that took the educational world by storm

Is now a Book!

After the DVD, the Book

This French-language book offers the entire text of the film and extras, the transcription of Q&As with various childhood and learning specialists, as well as of interviews of Clara Bellar in the press and spectators’ reactions. It allows to find in writing the richness of the film and of the post-screenings conversations, and to answer the multiple questions that come up after the film.

“Here is a research that opens the doors to a true paradigm change: Giving back to the child the keys to her/his own humaneness, by trusting her/him fully.”Sophie Rabhi, La Ferme des Enfants, at Hameau des Buis
“Before the film, we were two, and we were raising our son. Since we’ve watched the DVD, we are three.”A spectator at the St-André des Arts cinema, Paris


TV5 Monde - Interview de Clara Bellar - 30 juin 2017

TV5 Monde
“We loved the film Being in Becoming that was released almost three years ago. Now, based on its success and on the passion it generated, Clara Bellar has made it into a book…The book presents, not only this jewel of a film’s core points, but much more…”(Full review here)Version Femina
“This ode to freedom shatters many taboos about education, by proposing the path of autonomous learning (known as unschooling.) Three years after the film’s release, the publication of the book Être et devenir still provokes many passionate debates…”(Full review here)Kaizen
“This lead her to make the documentary, Being and Becoming, and she returns today with a book that reconstitutes both the film’s and Q&A’s richness…”(Full review here)Magic Maman Famili
“An original and lively adaptation of the film, this book tackles pretty much all the underlying questions, from practical and psychological questions asked by parents and children to broader questions about societal norms.”(Full review here)Nexus

The Book (in French) is Now Available

through the Publisher: Éditions l’Instant Présent